[Albums] Fell to Low – Low in the dust


Fell to Low has been releasing EPs since 2010, consistently putting them online for free once they were sold out to build up their reputation has an excellent noisy post-hardcore band, and have now scored a deal with Revelation Records for their first album and it’s sure to be a note worthy.

The first thing that stroke me as the first song began was how angry their music had become. I had fond memories of their EP because of their post-hardcore melodies but the dissonant sound of Galore reminded me more of the early days of Ken Mode mixed with the same anguished and soft distortion that Quicksand mastered. As the rhythm builds up and every musician starts hitting their instruments in unison, the songs builds up to a massive wall of sound that makes the recording come alive until a lonely note drones fort a short moment to introduce the next song.

The constant dichotomy between the strings and the drums acts like a fire underneath the feet of the musician. Incapable to stay still, an ongoing tension lives inside their songs even as the bitter sweet melodies move closer to a caress rather than a punch (Mapmaker).

Without losing a minute to throw something new at the listener, Low in the dust crawls and kicks with a fascinating collections of twists and turns while packing a constant emotional weighs recalling the best of Fugazi. Made of bright melodies full of shades, full of meaningful throat shredding screams, moved by the most melancholic of patterns, it’s hard to not be taken aback at how special this all feels. It’s been five years since Fell to Low started to plant the seeds of an impressive legacy. This is their declaration of war and we will all bleed and love them for it.

Low in the dust is available on vinyl and streaming via Spotify


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