[Albums] Deathrite – Revelation of chaos


Nobody had forgotten about swedish death metal before Trap Them came around but it’s obvious that they popularized the sound in hardcore circle with their break through album, Seizures in barren praise. In Deathrite case, it’s impossible not to discuss the influence of Trap Them when a lot of the material on Revelation of chaos could have been written for the band’s last album. However, if they had done so, Blissfucker would have been a good return to form instead of the collection of disappointment it ended up being.

What makes Deathrite better than most clones of Trap Them I have encountered is that they have obviously listened to the same albums than them. The germans haven’t just found out about Entombed and Dismember through the american bands, they have listened attentively to Clandestine and Like an everflowing stream and then put it in the same hardcore and crust mold than Trap Them.

Although they end up sounding too close for comfort to Trap Them, it’s also important to remember that Revelation of chaos is Deathrite‘s third album, and only first on Prosthetic Records (the same label that you know who). Deathrite has not decided just now to sound like this. They have been honing this sound for three years and it shows as no matter how derivative their material sounds, it’s still very effective.

Therefore, if you’ve been disappointed by the latest album from that band I have just named too often in this review, you will be happy to welcome Revelation of chaos in your collection. With some chance, they might also be better live than what « the other band » has now become.

Revelation of chaos is available on CD and vinyl via Bandcamp and Prosthetic Records and on streaming via Bandcamp and Spotify


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