News of the Week – From the maker of the Sarah Palin comic…


Cult punk rock band Flipper will be playing shows with The Jesus Lizard‘s David Yow as their singer.

Krallice‘s new album, Ygg huur, is now streaming. One can assume that the album will be released via Profound Lore but nothing has been announced yet.

French death metallers Temple of Baal have a new song out from Mysterium scheduled for 02 October via Agonia Records.

Another new song from Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats is streaming. The night creeper will be out on September 04th via Rise Above.

Motorhead has a new song to make you listen to.

The Atlas Moth are preparing a split with Ken Mode but here is already a song from it.

This is what the new album from Deafheaven, New bermuda, will look like and just below the cover done by artist Allison Schulnik, you will find a video with some new music.

Three One G (Justin Pearson from the Locust‘s label) will put out again the first record they ever put out, Unbroken‘s And/Fall on proverb EP. A song from it is streaming below.

Members of Goatwhore have reactivated their black metal band Ritual Killer for a new album called Exterminance scheduled for September 18th via Season of Mist.

Hardcore band Mizery is streaming a cover of a Jimi Hendrix song.

A new Gnaw their Tongues track is streaming. Crucial blast will release From the black mouth of spite.

A new Kylesa song has premiered from Exhausting fire scheduled for October 2nd.

Zombi is streaming a new song from Shape shift, the new album scheduled via Relapse Records for October 16th.

Fuck the Facts has a new song streaming from Desire will rot which will come out on August 25th via Noise Salvation.

Grievances is the title of Kowloon Walled City‘s new album and it will come out on October 9th via Neurot Recordings.

Black Breath‘s new album will be called Slaves beyond death and will come out on September 25th via Southern Lord.

If you were wondering what had happened to hardcore band Full Blown Chaos, the singer just signed his new band, Brick by Brick, to Eulogy Recording.

In related news, Carl Severson from Nora (and founder of Ferret Records) is fine but in the hospital after suffering injuries from a freak incident.

Carcass‘ side project Gentlemans Pistols has just signed to Nuclear Blast.

Forced Order (Twitching Tongues, Soul Search, Disgrace) new album, Vanished crusade, is streaming via soundcloud.

Music videos

Rejoice, Clutch has released a new music video.

Screamo and post-hardcore find a home in Svalbard and here is their new music video to prove it.

Wrestler Seth Rollins premiered the new Terror video through his twitter account. CM Punk must be so jealous.

To back up their new album Locrian has a new video.

Beastmilk has now become Grave Pleasures and here is their first video.

Post-punk supergroup Publicist UK (Burnt by the Sun, Revocation) has also a new video.


Cult legend Burn, one of the best post-hardcore band from New York, will play for the first time in London on the 04th October.

Since they released an awesome new album, Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) will tour Europe with one show in London in particular at the Underworld on the 22nd of October.

It’s not in Europe but marvel at the beauty of this fest.

Here is some pro-shot footage of Faith no More.

Almost nothing to do with metal but I can’t help but share this live video of Run the Jewels featuring Zack de la Rocha (Rage Against the Machine).

Oh god no, why?!

If you want some scientific explanation of why you, or other people, mosh, here is some food for thoughts.

Metallica‘s story will be told in a comic book published by the same company behind the Obama and Sarah Palin comics…


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