[Albums] Bone Gnawer – Cannibal crematorium


Since Kam Lee started playing in death metal band since 1983, he has been in the scene almost as long as I have been alive. Playing in cult bands like Death, the short lived but very influential Mantas or Massacre and more recently in cult favorites like The Grotesquery or Bone Gnawer, he hasn’t let go of his passion for screaming vocals about gore and provides here the kind of performance you can expect from such an expert. However, the prolific Rogga Johansson (Revolting, The Grotesquery, Putrevore…) has now departed the line-up and took with him the swedish sound which leaves us with a more simple minded, but not ineffective, brutal death metal affair.

Once the unnecessary intro is gone, you can get ready to enjoy an effective collection of death metal songs with simple but brutal riffs like Carcass, General Surgery, or Goremageddon era Aborted. The vocals are very low and sometimes doubled to accentuate the gory feeling of the music, or to give the impression that they are screamed being a surgeon mask (Horrors in the house of human remains). The material never strays away from its path of brutality but remains catchy thanks to some effective, if simple, tempo changes.

The band does not also over does it with the samples (aside from the intro and during two songs) but goes for the more predictable ones with screams of women being tortured. Some will say that’s just the consequence of the sexism of a lot of gore movies but some variety (or better yet, creating your own) would be welcome. Men are killed, maimed and tortured too in gore movies, as far as I know. As for the electronic track Il sesso bizarro di cannibali, it’s way too long and completely unnecessary. It breaks down the album in the middle and add nothing considering that what follows is still the same kind of effective brutal death metal.

Cannibal crematorium does not add anything to the history of death metal apart from a new and solid album that fans of gore obsessed death metal can add to their collection. It’s also quite welcome to hear that style done so well since Aborted has now moved to a very boring deathcore sound and that most major Carcass tribute band are very slow at releasing new material.

Cannibal crematorium is available on LP and CD via Pulverized Record and streaming via Spotify


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