[Albums] Hollow Tongue – Time/death EP


The swedish death metal sound is here to stay and Hollow Tongue brings another example of all the good thing it bring to the grindcore/hardcore scene. Sure, when they go out all drums blasting, this american band bridges the gap between Nails and Dead in the Dirt pretty easily, but they can also slow things down to a sludgier tempo and makes us reminisce about the good old days of Gaza back in 2006 (that’s almost ten years ago if you want to feel old).

I probably sound blasé when I describe this band as a composite of other more well known bands but for a band that started in 2012, they still have something more going here than a band like Black Mask, or any weekend project you can see at bars in London formed after listening to a couple of Trap Them albums. Time/death « just » sounds very evil with it’s distorted vocals and suffocating feedback. Plus, even if the layers of guitars and the swedish crunch eliminate any human feel, it’s nice to hear a possessed performance on the microphone as well as an excellent demonstration of the power of the blast on the drums. Finally, Brad Boatright (Nails, Sleep, Oathbreaker…) is also once again behind the mastering and he did a wonderful job making this EP sound huge as hell.

Time/death is an excellent introduction and I am sincerely hoping to hear more from them. With bands like Axis, Hollow Tongues, Reproacher and Of Feather and Bones, the darker side of the american hardcore scene is in good hands.

Time/death is available on vinyl via Crown and Throne ltd and is streaming via bandcamp and Spotify


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