News of the Week – Pigs in the yard

Well, you won’t be hearing about Enabler anymore from me. Amanda Daniels, who used to play bass in the band, but most importantly who used to date Enabler’s singer and songwriter Jeff Lohrber, has revealed a lot recently about the trauma she went through during her time with him. The PRP has reproduced statements from both parties which you can read here and here.


A new Pentagram song can be heard here. Curious volume will be out on August 28th via Peaceville.

It’s punk cover time with Leviathan covering My war by Black Flag and Wolvhammer covering the Misfits Demonomania.

Why remix and remaster a perfectly good album? This is the question everybody asked when Pig Destroyer‘s Prowler in the yard reissue was announced, but… it has to be said that the result does, indeed, sound pretty good. The remixing and remastering was, of course, done by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and will come out on Relapse on double CD and LP with an unreleased song.

-(16)- are now recording their new album.

Few people probably remember Watchmaker, an excellent and violent mix of grindcore and thrash, but they released a couple of great albums that are now hard to find. Thankfully, their album Kill.crush.destroy, as well as their last recording has been reissued on tape by band’s vocalist Brian Vocal Terror on his label Killeveryone international. This is excellent stuff so don’t make a pass on it.

No Echo has put together an excellent playlist of band’s formed after Breach‘s break-up.

Alex Rosamilia, guitarist from Poison the Well, and members of Ensign and Organ Dealer have a new band called the Gaslight Anthem and it’s pretty impressive (but not very emo).

Fans of Turmoil can rejoice as Axis has proven that the influence of these hardcore legends have not been forgotten. Show your greed will come out on September 4th via Good Fight.

Death of a king is a new song by Amorphis from Under the red cloud scheduled for 4th September.

A new song from Ramming Speed‘s No epitaph scheduled for September 4th via Prosthetic Records is now online.

Chino Moreno (Deftones) guest on a Lamb of God song and here it is.

A new Publicist UK (featuring Dave Witte on drums) song is streaming. Forgive yourself will be out on August 21st via Relapse Records.

Invisible Oranges is streaming Trenchfoot‘s new album At the mercy of circumstance for fans of cross-over.

Locrian‘s new album, Infinite dissolution, is streaming through Cvlt nation.

Members and ex members of Cryptopsy and Neuraxis are teasing material from a new project called Akurion.

For those of you, like me, who are impatient to hear Black Breath‘s new album, they played some new material live.

Vision of Disorder is teasing some new material from their recent recording session.

Coliseum has a new music video.

Ecstatic Vision (ex. A Life Once Lost) has a new music video too.

Fuck the Facts has a new music video for the song Solitude.

A short documentary about Cattle Decapitation‘s new album is streaming.

Live shows

Napalm Death will no longer be appearing on the UK dates of the Deathcrusher Tour with Carcass, Obituary and Voivod but they will all play in Paris at La Cigale on 23rd of November.

Lamb of God and Megadeth will be touring together with Children of Bodom and Sylosis opening.


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