Shows in London and Paris for the week of 20th July – Ritual gazers



It’s death metal night for fans of the old school kind with one very rare bands, the australian progressive death metal of Stargazer. With an approach reminiscent of early Nocturnus with some progy and melodic bass lines and some suave singing à la Ishahn (Emperor), the band packs quite a few treats for fans of original metal. Undergang on the other hand is not as rare (they played at The Unicorn last year) and caters more to the down-tuned and primitive side of death metal. Anyway, it’s free, the music is good so show up.

Free entry


I had my doubt, as you could see from the title of last week’s article, but Vital Remains offered a blasting and memorable show to the Parisian fans and now it’s time for the London headbangers to enjoy the violence. If, like me, you are not too familiar with their material, you still have the time to do so, but you should probably consider going as their show as been teased as a journey of epic proportion.

Tickets are still available for £15.40


The Black Dahlia Murder is not the kind of band you could consider to be rare. Touring is not just an event, it’s their life. Nonetheless, it’s always a pleasure to see them as they are one of the most reliable live band if you enjoy the melodic brutal side of melodic death metal. As usual, they are stuck with a deathcore band as an opener but once they start breaking our their tasty riffs you will forgot all about the bad breakdowns of the previous band.

Tickets are still available for 18,99 Euros


Aluk Todolo have carved themselves an impressive niche with their mix of ritualistic black metal and psychedelic rock. Because they sound like no other band, they have been able to appeal to fans of various darker aesthetic while retaining all their integrity intact. As their music is best understood, and experienced, live rather than on album, I can only recommend to attend their return as a live act after a year long break.

Tickets will be available at the door for 10 Euros


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