News of the week – This industry needs more masks

Music videos

Terror‘s new video for the first single from their upcoming album is streaming via Alternative Press.

Defeater has a new video. Yes, it’s still inspired by the early 20th century american folklore and it’s still very emo influenced but it’s a good song.

Not only did Nothing just signed to Thursday frontman’s label Collect Records, they also just released a video for their cover of Nirvana‘s Something in the way. Now, it’s not as intimate and claustrophobic as the original, but it’s still a very strong cover.

Highlights of the week

The Deftones have finished recording their new album.

Ulcerate and Bell Witch will tour the UK in October starting with a show at Nambucca in London on the 8th.

Czech uro guro obsessed grinder Jig-Aï will play in London at the Black Heart on the 3rd October.


Also at the Black Heart, Homewrecker will play on the 12th September with Revulsion. Other shows in the UK and Europe are scheduled here.

A new Zao song is streaming via bandcamp. It’s not as impressive as the first, but it can still stand strong with the rest of their material.

Doom legend Pentagram has a new song out from Curious volume, scheduled for the 28th August via Peaceville.

A new song from Windhand is now streaming and it looks like this will be their best album to date. Grief’s infernal flower is scheduled for 18th September via Relapse Records.

Members of Twitching Tongues are involved in another project with members from Soul Search. This time, they are playing some thrashy hardcore in Forced Order. You can stream a track via The PRP before the August 7th release date of Vanished crusade.

the 7th of August is slowly coming but here is already another Enabler track off the upcoming Fail to feel safe.

A new Clutch album will come out on October 2nd under the title of Psychic warfare. It was produced by Machine, the man behind my favorite album of their discography, the mighty Blast tyrant.

Fuck the Facts has released a new song from Desire will rot, scheduled for 25th August via Noise Salvation.

Relapse has released a new Locrian song from Arc of extinction coming soon on the 24th July.

If you were worried that Fear Factory would change, don’t. It’s Fear Factory who should be worried of rehashing the same lyrics and riffs in 2015.

Furthermore, as proof as their obsession with the past, Fear Factory will tour Europe in November and December, not to promote their new album, but by playing their cult album Demanufacture.

A389 favorites Of Feather and Bone have signed to Good Fight Music for the release of Embrace the wretched flesh on September 18th.

A new song from Lamb of God is streaming here.

Season of Mist is preparing a reissue of Atheist‘s Unquestionable presence with a bonus DVD of their last show with bass player Tony Choy (Cynic, Pestilence). Some footage of their last show with Roger Patterson, the regretted bass player from their early days who sadly passed away after a car accident.

Gallows‘ recording session for the BBC is now streaming.


« My death metal bring the shark to the boat, damn right, it’s better than yours… »
Yes, a shark specialist is using Darkest Hour‘s music to call sharks and it’s working. Now, you might get all nerdy in the comment and tell me that Darkest Hour is a metalcore band, but you can’t deny that they are mostly a early In Flames‘ inspired band with no mosh part. Therefore, they can stand proudly in the good part of the melodic death metal category. And, yes, I was also hopping that they were using Cannibal Corpse to communicate with sharks, but we can all dream…

Look’s like Korn‘s idea of a remix is adding guitar to a track so this is what they did with Rihanna‘s new single. Honestly, this is not a completely bad idea, but it could have been better if the riffs didn’t overshadow the vocals.

Conan O’Brian was at comic con and spoofed the guitar player from Mad Max: Fury Road for his intro. Impressive and funny. Too bad that he and Chris Hardwick decided to make a stupid joke about Caitlyn Jenner during their segment.

Yes, some bands are still trying to « make it » in the music business by wearing costumes… Would it surprise you that they are signed to Victory Records?


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