[Albums] Old Wounds – The suffering spirit


Old Wound‘s status has a band to watch out for has slowly grow since their debut album was released in 2013. From where we came is where we’ll rest introduced the band as a dark hardcore band without any of the contemporary cliché (no black metal influence, no Converge breaks) but a strong identity nonetheless boosted by some strong song writing. Before this album’s release they put out a split with The Banner to announce the change. Some melodic vocals and a more metal sound were introduced to warn their fans that The suffering spirit would be a different beast. And it is.

On The suffering spirit, Old Wound went for a very slick sound full of power chord, polished melodic vocals and catchy breakdown. Nonetheless, it would be wrong to say that Old Wounds has jumped the shark. Much like The Banner on The greying, the band sounds darker than before. They have embraced some of the cliché they veered away from (the black metal influence on The secret song at the end of the world, the huge mosh parts, the Reign in blood melody on Moral hex …) but with the same excellent song writing they already proved to be capable of.

Therefore, although The suffering spirit could be accused of catering to the same mosh hungry crowd as the latest Harm’s Way, Old Wounds does it with much more personality and style, and without any nu-metalism in sight. The only link to this hated genre can be found on Desecrate with it’s Deftones influenced riff, the only « nu metal » that should exist.

Despite all these positive aspect, I can’t help but compare their evolution to The Banner. Not only did they shared a split but the singer tries also his best at impersonating Glenn Danzig during On leather wings, just like The Banner‘s singer did on The greying. The only thing that makes this evolution more natural is that from their sound to their visual, Old Wounds never made secret their love for goth rock.

Therefore, now that they have added mosh part that would make Disembodied proud, it’s still sounds more natural than every metalcore’s band turn to melody on their sophomore album. The suffering spirit is not « more mature » but it is heavier, meaner and more melodic. It reads like a cliché, but they made it true on their album and that’s all that matters.

The suffering spirit is available on CD and vinyl via Good Fight and via Bandcamp and Spotify on streaming


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