[Live Report] Fissure + Gets Worse + The Atrocity Exhibit + Brainshit @ The Unicorn (London)


For this very sunny weekend, the good people at Cognitive Dissent Promotion had put together an all-dayer of grindcore and power violence, all in the name of the blast, around Gets Worse and Fissure‘s tour. The appeal of spending one afternoon and one night watching bands tear their drum kit apart appealed to a solid number of people from across Europe if the number of language spoke during the day was any indication (but then, it’s London, and multiculturalism is the law of the land). I didn’t arrive for the beginning so I missed quite a few band during the afternoon.


The guitar and drum duo showed some impressive progression from their most recent set. They sounded much tighter as they tore though the same material. The drummer is especially impressive and provides some catchy pattern. Too bad the guitar riff are not as recognizable and get lost in the mix. However, there is room to develop around that formula and right now their set is fast and short enough to be effective.

The Atrocity Exhibit

These Englishmen are regulars and they show it very well with a perfect set of Napalm Death influenced grindcore. Professional to the bone, or too focused on their songs, they don’t even stop when a small fight breaks out during the middle of their set. However, this incident does nothing to disturb the crowd’s interest for their music and the mosher starts slamming and sliding on the beer covered floor soon enough. Probably the best and most energetic set I’ve seen them perform.

Gets Worse

Until now I’ve never had the chance to appreciate Gets Worse live and tonight my patience was rewarded by a fantastic set of fastcore done perfectly. Despite some degree of resemblance with Weekend Nachos (mostly because of the drummer’s voice to be honest), the songs deserves it fastcore label for the impressive number of breaks each songs goes through. It’s not just about the blast here, it’s the mix of hardcore breaks and fast part performed with precision that makes it all entertaining. Even when the band’s fails to perform some of the new songs, they do it with style! I sincerely hope now that I won’t have to wait so long to see them again.


After such an impressive set, the chance to be disappointed by this american bunch was high but the band rose to the challenge. With three members dressed as what most people imagine Californian rockers look like and a Mac Lovin’ (from Superbad) look alike on the drums, the band easily stands out but it’s with their high energy grindcore that they bring everyone to a frenzy. The intensity displayed constantly reminded me of the early days of watching Trash Talk create chaos at every show. The feeling of watching something very special. Musicians rocking the essence of what this kind of music is about without sounding dated. A band focused on the here and now capable of capturing everyone’s attention to create a unique performance. I have no idea how long their set lasted but I still remember each moment clearly, as if my brain wanted this instant to last forever. Maybe they will never come back and stay legendary, or maybe they will try to conquer the world. Whatever they choose to do, Fissure rocked this night and left as kings.


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