News of the Week – Unicorns against homophobia

Music videos

Myrkur has a new music video.


ZAO is finally back with one new song from their upcoming two song EP and it’s a ragger.

Canadian grinders Fuck the Facts are streaming a new song from Desire will rot scheduled for August 25th.

Good Fight has signed a new hardcore band to its roster and you can discover them below.

A new Enabler song is online from the new album, Fail to feel safe, before it’s August 07th release.

The Sword‘s High country will be released on August 21st but you can already listen to a song on their official website. Yes, some bands still have this thing !

A new Cattle Decapitation taken from the Anthropocene extinction is now streaming via The PRP.

Some black metal from Barshasketh streaming on Invisible Oranges from Ophidian henosis scheduled for July 30st via Blut & Eisen Production.

Profound Lore is streaming a new song from Pissgrave before Suicide euphoria‘s release on August 4th.

LG Petrov (Entombed) has teamed up with members of Necrophobic, Unleashed and Raised Fist in Firespawn. The band is already signed to Century Media and will release their debut EP Lucifer has spoken on the 07th of August.

Team Sleep (Deftones) has put a new version of Foreign flag online.


The « rumor » is true, the Deathcrusher tour is on for the month of October in the UK and the rest of Europe (not including France) for the month of November. The tour will feature Carcass, Napalm Death, Voivod, Obituary and Herod. If this time travelling bill decides to only perform songs from their early album, the dream will be complete.

The Maryland Deathfest has announced more bands for the 2016 edition.
Craft, Dead Church, Desaster, Excel, General Surgery, Grave Miasma, Hemdale, Impaled Nazarene, Infernal Revulsion, Mystifier, Negative Approach, Sanitys Dawn, Yacøpsæ.


So, Andy Williams, Every Time I Die‘s guitarist, is getting into wrestling and in particular Lucha Libre.

Red Fang were interviewed about their life on the road, an interesting subject for a band that has built a momentum in recent years because of how much touring they did in Europe.

Mastodon shopped at the famous record store Amoeba and displayed their loot for the camera.

If you’re homophobic and a fan of The Dillinger Escape Plan, the band wants you to know they are not interested in your money.

While it’s funny that the POV acronym that was widely used in pornography is now commonly used for promotional purpose, there is nothing to laugh about when it comes to Ben Koller‘s drumming. The insane musician is here featured as Mutoid Man’s drummer, the band he shares with Stephen Brodsky from Cave In.


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