Shows in London and Paris for the week of 6th July – Miserable moshing



Nothing to declare in London during the week but it’s just to get better prepared for the onslaught that will be sunday night. The tribute band to Terrorizer put together by an ex member is headlining a show with Iron Reagan (featuring members of Municipal Waste) and the british cross- over band SSS. I have been waiting for this show for a few month now and I’m impatient to finally enjoy Terrorizer and Iron Reagan on stage. Plus, SSS are not bad at all. A very promising night.

Tickets are available for £16.50


London Hardcore Festival. Everything is in the title so what more is there to say? Come and enjoy if you want to discover/support the british hardcore scene.

Tickets are available for £13



It’s time to get a healthy dose of blasting with three excellent young bands: Cloud Rat (grindcore) from the US, Fissure (power violence) also from the US and Gets Worse (fastcore) from the UK. If you have a better idea than headbanging and sweating while creating utter chaos with strangers to spend your Monday night, I’d like to hear it.

Tickets are available for 6,66 Euros at the show


There is no need to introduce Cannibal Corpse so if you’re feeling for some brutal death metal, go and have a good time with the masters of the genre.

Tickets are available for 26,40 Euros


Defeater are still leading the charge for the melodic hardcore scene despite their orientation towards a more emo influenced style album after album. i’m not a fan of their recent output but I still consider most of the songs on the Lost ground EP to be among the best that has been put out in this genre over the last ten years.

Tickets are still available for 11,80 Euros


To finish your week you might need to waive your arms like you just don’t care so you might consider doing it to the sound of Merauder and mosh with the hardcore faithful.

Tickets are available for 12 Euros

The other option, for the more introspective of you, is to spend your sunday night at a church with Stephen O’Malley (SunnO)))) for some drone goodness. The show is free as part of Les Siestes Electroniques and will take place at Le Musée du Quai Branly.


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