[Albums] The Armed – Untitled

In the post Converge world that we live in, The Armed are a hardcore band with a little something that puts them ahead of the pack. The intensity deployed by these musicians rivals the one of the early days of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge while pushing the envelope even more.


From the get go, the drums hit you hard and that’s because these guys have enlisted the help of Baptists and Sumac‘s drummer Nick Yacyshyn. A man whose style is so powerful, fast and precise that he can single handedely reassured anyone who was worried about the future of the culture of the fast drummer once Converge‘s Ben Koller disappears or stop drumming. This man is the new leading light that will influence countless musicians and he has found a perfect place in this band.

However, it’s not just all about the drumming. The riffs are also quite tasty and rival the violence displayed behind the drum kit with a rock and roll attitude and a degree of precision found generally in the hands of heart surgeon. As for the vocals, the use of some heavy distortion gives an edge to the screams while keeping the many inflections of the throat as it’s pushed to its limit. A precise recording with some soul if you will.

Like Songs to fan the flames of discontent era Refused played twice as fast with some Dillingerism (Rhythm 0) thrown in and some light melodies recalling Failure (Forever scum), Untitled is the perfect definition of what « frantic » means. Basically, this is music to have a seizure to.

Untitled is available for free download via Bandcamp and for streaming on Spotify


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