[Live Report] Maruta + Evisorax + Black Skies Burn + Nagasaki Birth Defect @ The Unicorn (London)

Not many people showed up to the return of Maruta but it must be said that this was still close to a perfect night and that their trip was not wasted for the ones who bothered to turn up.


Nagasaki Birth Defect

The British trio didn’t impress me that much the last time I saw them but tonight they are on fine form. Not only do they seem to be a merry bunch of guys but they play some nice Brutal Truth influenced grindcore and use the word cunt frequently in their song titles. The kind of band that’s best appreciated live to enjoy their songs as much their stage banter.

Black Skies Burn

Although they are competent musicians, their set felt like the exact opposite of the Nagasaki Birth Defect (by the way, don’t forget to add bandcamp or band when you google them).


Grindcore exists because there are people who need that level of intensity in their lives. With Evisorax, it’s obvious that they would not be able to live without it considering how much intensity and devotion they put into their performance. With a mix of technical and energetic riffs and a drummer that seems to have an orgasm at every blast, they power through some excellent material while their singer ignores the stage and wanders around the audience to scream next to everyone. It’s a sight that could seem alarming in many places but not at a grindcore shows where everyone smiles after the frontman invites the audience to kill themselves to thank them for clapping.


If you haven’t noticed, I have been quite overjoyed by Maruta‘s return but I’m happy to say they did not disappoint the slightest. Although the singer does not have anything funny to say, he screams and jumps with so much determination that it’s hard to resist his call to arm. As for the band’s material, it’s played twice as fast as on album, and with the same precision. A feat that almost drove me to insanity every time they started playing. The rest of the crowd seemed resistant at first but ended up giving them a fitting welcome before asking for an extra final song with the approval of the sound-guy, which says a lot about the quality of their performance. Let’s hope they don’t split-up again soon so we can witness these masters a couple of more times.

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