News of the week – Money in music

Music videos

Wisdom in Chains goes back to the 8-bit with their new video.

Apparently Mutilation Rites tried to create a bleak music video, which should surprise absolutely no one, but they do play some solid USBM that’s worthy of your time.

Author & Punisher, the industrial metal one man band, has now a new video.


Colbalt is working on their next album, Slow forever, with ex Lord Mantis singer Charlie Fell as the frontman.

Brujeria should have a new album out via Nuclear Blast during the fall while another project featuring Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Venomous Concept (also featuring Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth and Lock Up) has also signed to Season of Mist.

The Black Dahlia Murder has a new online from Abysmal and it sounds like them. The album will come out on September 18th.

Peaceville has a new 3 CD Darkthrone compilation selected by the band called Black death and beyond (a pun on Bed bath and beyond?).

Ramming Speed has a new song that will be featured on an upcoming 7″ and on their next album.

Ash Pearson from 3 Inches of Blood is Revocation‘s new drummer.

A long trailer for American Nightmare‘s documentary about their reunion is now online. The Blu-Ray/DVD will come out on August 7th via Deathwish.

I generally don’t care for this kind of teaser with snippets of songs but i must admit I am hyped about the new Windhand considering how tasty this already sounds.

Members of Incendiary have founded a new sludgecore band called Carcosa. Their first demo is downloadable for free below.

Norma Jean is now in pre-production for their new album.

Vision of Disorder is also working on a new album.

Now streaming

Old Wounds‘ new album, The suffering spirit, is streaming via The PRP.

Failure‘s new album, The heart is a monster is now streaming in full.

Rosetta‘s new album, Quintessential ephemera, is now streaming.

All Out War‘s new EP, Dying gods, is now streaming via soundcloud.

Ecstatic Vision‘s (A Life Once Lost) new album, Sonic praise, is now streaming.

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) is streaming their first album, Bleeder.

Not metal but

Madlib‘s new mixtape is online and can be streamed via Rappcats.

Quelle Chris has a new music for his new album via MellowMusicGroup.


Metal Injection filmed Pig Destroyer‘s second set at the Temples fest so you could enjoy from the comfort of your home their interpretation of Natasha, their sludge song.

Every Time I Die will be touring the UK in depth in November with three shows in a row lined up in London!

Disharmony is the title of the next Twitching Tongues album scheduled for the fall via Metal Blade. The band played a new song at Hellfest and it looks like they are ready to take this to the next level. This band will be huge or fall into oblivion shortly after this release.

The next edition of the Maryland Deathfest is already taking shape with the following bands being announced.
Auroch, Bongripper, Bongzilla, Denouncement Pyre, Deströyer 666, Disgorge, Exciter, Gruesome, Haemorrhage, Hail of Bullets, The Haunted, Jungle Rot, Khold, Lord Belial, Malignant Tumour, Mitochondrion, Nocturnal Graves,
Phobocosm, Putrid Pile, Samael (“Ceremony Of Opposites” set), Saturnalia Temple, Severe Torture, Sinister, Svartidauði, Svarttjern, Thulcandra, Tulus, Venom, Visceral Disgorge, Wormed.

Here is also some professionally filmed sets from the Hellfest in France that might be of interest to readers of this site.


Late Show with Seth Meyers celebrated Limp Bizkit‘s Significant other 16 year anniversary.

Billboard has put together an article and an infographics to explain what a musician can make depending on their status.


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