Shows in London and Paris for the week of 29th June – When the eagle cry



It’s the event of the week and you can’t miss it. All Pigs Must Die are finally playing in London! After cancelling their appearance at the first Temples Fest last year, they are finally here. This all star band featuring Ben Koller (Converge) on the drums and the throat of The Hope Conspiracy. Speaking of which, Throats is also on the bill and should provide the perfect introduction to a savage show. This will be epic or be remembered as the biggest letdown of the year.

Tickets are still available for £16.50


Kyuss wrote about the mythology associated with the road 66 so it’s no surprise to see another ex member touring. This time, it’s John Garcia who will be accompanied with Elder and Mos Generator for a pleasing night for fans of stoner and doom.

Tickets are still available for £22.50


Leave your brain at the door for this hardcore show with Hardcore legends Merauder. Go only if you want to mosh, listen to music that’s made for doing windmills or punching the floor or like to see people doing that particular thing. Otherwise, this is a perfect bill for fans of beatdown with French legend Providence opening the show.

Tickets are still available for £10


It’s going to be a beautiful night for fans of grindcore of power violence as the Unicorn is welcoming a fantastic bill. Fissure and Gets Worse are headlining with their respective brand of power violence for this all-dayer with a lot of young British band from 16:00 in the afternoon.

The show is free



Spain meets Paris for this grindcore show with the crusty blasts of Teething. The crew will be playing with some fresh French bands called Serpillere, Pendrak and No Can Hear You Screaming. You can recognize the french touch by the grammar mistake in the name of the first band. It’s not too late to correct it guys (unless you’ve printed tons of merch… then, sucks to be you).


The legend of sludge are back again in Europe after impressing anyone who witness their show a few month ago. Good news for everyone then. The Nola crowd will play with Herder and an unknown artist called Joe Buck Yourself at Glazart who welcomed their previous show with Orange Goblin. Should be a good night.

Tickets are still available for 17,99 Euros


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