News of the week – Dave Grohl is not here

Music videos

Mastodon wins again with a great new music video featuring cats on LSD.

Failure has posted their new music video.

Obituary turned into cartoons for their new video.

Some live footage, some pictures, does it count as a music video? Apparently not since this is supposed to be a « visualizer » but still, here is a new Slayer song.

Fight Amp‘s new video is here.

If you’re craving some new Dark Tranquility, here is their new video.


Seems like Trey Azagtoth is cleaning up the house. Drummer Tim Yeung, guitarist Destructhor and singer/bass player David Vincent are all out of Morbid Angel. Steve Tucker (member of MA from Formulas fatal to the flesh to Heretic) is now back but there is still no words about the potential comeback of drummer Pete Sandoval (who was very critical of the band’s latest album without him).

A tribute to legendary power violence band Spazz came out last year featuring covers by Gets Worse, Sete Star Sept, Chiens or XKatexMoshx.

All Out War has released their cover of Amebix. Their new EP, Dying gods, will be released on June 23rd.

A new song by Stats, featuring an ex. Extra Life, can be heard on Brooklyn Vegan.

An old member of Yattering is still playing death metal in Ogotay whose first album is coming out on Self Made God with a release date scheduled around August.

Cult Leader (ex. Gaza) have released their new EP. You are not my blood is a collaboration with SubRosa.

A first song from the new project of Chuck Stern (Time of Orchids) can be heard via Invisible Oranges. His band is formed by members of Kayo Dot, including the band’s mastermind, Toby Driver.

Chaotic black metal band Plebeian Grandstand will record their new album towards the end of December.

One song off Sea of Shit‘s side of their split with Sick/Tired scheduled for October is streaming via bandcamp.

People looking for a good alternative to Earth Crisis should check out Blistering.

After six month of hiatus, Witchrist has announced its comeback now that Diocletian has announced its dissolution.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats will release their new album, The night creeper, on September 4th via Rise Above.

Prog Death metal band Into Eternity will release their comeback album on Kolony Records with new singer Amanda Kierman (The Order of Chaos).

Cattle Decapitation has released a new song on a flexi sold with Decibel Magazine. The anthropocene extinction is coming out via Metal Blade on August 7th.

Ryan Lipynsky may have announced the return of Unearthly Trance but he is not done with his other band, The Howling wind, whose fourth album can be streamed on bandcamp.

A new song by Locrian has found its way online. It’s taken from Infinite dissolution before its July 24th release date via Relapse Records.

Zao‘s new EP will be released on July 10th.

Abyssal‘s new album for Profound Lore, Antikatastaseis, is now streaming via bandcamp.

A new song by Indesinence is also streaming on Profound Lore’s bandcamp. The album, III, is scheduled for the 21st of July.

Enabler‘s new album, Fail to feel safe, will come out on August 7th. Chris Smith is the cover’s artist that you can see below.

After announcing he was already working on a Sumac album, Aaron Turner has posted a picture of himself on Instagram where he says he is writing for Split Cranium, his project with members of Circle.

Relapse Records announces the signature of Wrong.

Vattnet Viskar‘s new album, Settler, is streaming below.

Every Time I Die has finally released their EP of B sides, Salem, on Spotify.

Meth Drinker and Leechfeast new split EP can be streamed below.


The Facebook page of Old Lady Driver (the first band of two members of sludge legends Khanate) has been posting some old school Napalm Death videos from 1988 with Lee Dorian (Cathedral) on vocals.


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