[Albums] Maruta – Remain dystopian


It was frustrating to see Maruta disband in 2011 when they could have accomplished much more. Even if In narcosis was mostly just a solid grindcore album, Forward into regression showed real progression and pushed the band into Gorguts-like territory but with a grind touch. I predicted at the time that the band was ready to break out out of the grindcore realm and be even more original on their next album but instead the broke up.

Thankfully, they are now back in action and signed to Relapse Records, a logical step-up from their days at Willowtip. It would seem that the band is ready to bludgeon everyone with their own kind of grindcore but bludgeon they do but without the incredible evolutionary step that I would have wished. That’s not to say that Remain dystopian is a bad album, far from it. I just expected something a bit less grindcore and instead they sound like a mix of Need to control era Brutal Truth with some From wisdom to hate era Gorguts. That’s far from a bad thing if you know what’s good for you but sounds much closer to their work on Forward into regression.

Perhaps its due to this break-up that the band does not showcase the same kind of progression that in between In narcosis and Forward into regression but, again, the result is still very convincing. The production pushes the excellent riffs to the front with some added volume since a new guitar player has joined the band. The vocals are still quite influenced by Kevin Sharp with a good mix of shrieking and deep grunts. Some prestigious featuring appears too but it’s the excellent vocal performance from band vocalist Mitchell Luna that matters the most. As for the drumming performance, it feels energetic but very precise too. Danny Morris, who had joined the band for the second album, gives the energy and the stability necessary without relying on any technical touch. He plays fast but knows when to slow things down and does not try to over-complicate things.

Much like on Forward into regression the riffs takes some time to shine due to the large number of songs (17) in less than 30 minutes but ultimately they all prove to be well thought out and memorable on their own. Maruta has come back with a strong blow to the face of every doubter and is ready to move ahead in their evolution. Still very promising, still kicking ass and still on their own to become as original as their influences.

Remain dystopian is available on CD and vinyl via Relapse Records and on streaming via Bandcamp


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