[Album] Vorum – Current mouth


After a fantastic debut, Vorum were slowly preparing their follow-up and it’s safe to say that this new EP won’t disappoint. Poisoned void showcased a band in full control of their influence but lacked the intensity of their live show. Now with Current mouth, Vorum has captured in its full glory the fascinating intensity that they display live and that will put them ahead of the pack in the old school death metal scene.

With the barbaric attack on the drums and the electric vivacity of the lead, Vorum brings back their death metal to the era of Scream bloody gore when the idea was to give Slayer a run for their money. The simplicity of the first three songs suits perfectly the youthful energy of the band and the raw nature of the recording. The drums and vocals are put closer to the front than the guitar, but the natural sound of the kick makes this choice very enjoyable, compared to the guitar fronted mix of Poisoned void that lacked a bit of dynamism.

Each songs shine and all of them pummel the listener with the same dedication and energy. The title track slows things down a bit during the first part of the bridge to showcase a more melodic lead on the guitar but quickly reverts back to his Slayer on speed form. The final track slows the tempo just a bit more for the big finale where several guitar tracks are mixed together. This conclusion also marks the only moment on this EP that sounds enhanced in the studio whereas the rest of the songs all sound live. With only for a short EP with only four three minute long songs and one four minute also makes this recording a perfect disc to rewind and restart.

Current mouth is available on CD via Me Saco Un Ojo and on streaming via Bandcamp


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