[Live Report] Temples Fest 2015 – Third day (Monarch!, Ghold, Ken Mode)


All good things come to a close and the time to say goodbye had come, but not before having witness some memorable performances.



With a mix of stoner and postcore, this young British band is gathering a lot of praise, and rightly so. Their performance benefited from a clear sound and was a perfect start for doom oriented day.


With the complete opposite atmosphere to Ohhms positive metal, Monarch! created instantly a dense atmosphere bathed in red light and the smoke. Now with two guitarist, the band performed their mix of drone and sludge to a very large audience and convinced seemingly everyone as no one could seem to stop theclapping after the end of the show. Of note, the bass and guitarist crossing their instruments to form a cross seemed quite homoerotic but also completely appropriate for a set drench in sensitivity with Emilie’s screeching vocals and the doomier approach to some of the riffs.

Year of no Light

After Monarch! triumph, Year of no Light‘s set didn’t start as well because of some keyboard problems resulting in a less triumphant ending for the Bolt Thrower riffs of Tocsin. Thankfully, things started to become heavier for the second track and continued to do so until the end of the set. After a few years without seeing them, it was still enjoyable to finally enjoy their mix of postcore and doom again.


The sludge continues with British duo Ghold who seemed quite happy on the main stage despite their limited number of musicians. This limitation is detrimental to the band’s creativity as their sludge goes from riffs locked with an ever-changing rhythm to transitions made only of whispers.

Ken Mode

With exclusive copies of their new album, Success, recorded with Steve Albini (Shellac), Ken Mode were in fine form to promote their new noise rock orientation and they proved it very well to a captivated audience. The new songs are incredibly catchy and the trio does not lack intensity when it comes to rock and to roll. Finally with a stable bass player, their on-stage dynamics puts a lot of bands to shame and it’s safe to say that they offered one of the most energetic performance of the festival.


Last band for me as I had to go back to London before Monday and only disappointment of the festival. It’s true that they play very well but Pallbearer‘s doom is not original at all and also a bit boring. The vocals are fine, the bands is tight but neither the riffs nor the rhythm successfully caught my attention. I nodded my head politely for a couple of songs before realizing I could do something better with my time and left. Along with Mantar, they were the band whose hype I did not understand. Nevertheless, even a less than stellar performance left me with a very positive impression of the Temples festival and I hope I’ll be back to Temples Meads next year.


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