[Live Report] Temples Fest 2015 – An overview


After only one edition, the Temples fest had attracted a lot of attention for its impressive line up featuring Neurosis, Clutch and Electric Wizard among more hardcore oriented acts like Oathbreaker, Amenra or Doom. This year, the festival decided to up their game and offer an even more impressive line up from Converge to SunnO))). Basically, the Temples fest 2015 was a Deathwish Inc. Vs Southern Lord Records affair and bridged the gap between chaotic hardcore with Converge and Throats and even more chaotic death metal with Portal. A line up to dream for.

What was less perfect was the venue. Located close to Temples meade station (hence the name), the building is far from any shop of any sorts as well as any money facility. Therefore, once the cash machine (with a fee) broke Sunday morning, you had to walk a good 15 minutes to get to the next one to get money for food, drinks and merchandising.

Regarding the quality of the food, it must be said the organisation had picked some quality vendors but there was only three to satisfy everyone which was very limited and led to long queue (at least 15 minutes) to get anything. Drinking on the other hand was not an issue but expensive which led my friends to choose the double Jack and coke as their drink of choice for the week.

Finally, the biggest issue of the festival was definitely the number of people. Even if it was possible to move between the crowd to find a friend, or just a good place to watch a show, the rooms were regularly filled to the brim, particularly during Pig Destroyer‘s saturday set Portal or Torche. This problem was apparently also present on the artist’s side, which is far from surprising considering the number of bands present for the festival.

Otherwise, even if the running order suffered from last minutes changes, particularly on the Sunday due to technical issues, the organisation was quite solid as this kind of unexpected problems must occur at every festival around the world. A fantastic but also promising edition.

Every part of the complete live report can be found below
Day One with Converge, Nails and Pig Destroyer
Day Two with SunnO))), Portal and Goatsnake
Day Three with Monarch!, Ken Mode and Year of no Light


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