[Album] Entrails – Obliteration


Unlike Nirvana 2002, who developed their fame on the back of a couple of demos, Entrails never let go of their passion for the old Swedish death metal scene and have been releasing solid albums since 2009. Their appeal lies on their crunchy sound, like in the old studio Sunlight days, and their buzz saw riffs. Nothing new but that has not stopped Bloodbath, a band Entrails shares not just a few similarities with, from being extremely popular.

Since Obliteration does not offer anything too different from their previous album, for the better, this album could be described as all the previous ones. Basically, Entrails‘ success is due to the simplistic but very well crafted song writing they offer to fans of old school Swedish death metal. Fans of Dismember and early Entombed could no wrong by checking these guys out. Also, even if you’re not familiar with those classic albums, Entrails still possess some appeal by having a lot of big memorable and melodic riffs without being poppy. A lesson In Flames could remember if they wanted to get away from the pop format they have devoted themselves to (Beyond the flesh, The Grotesque). Usually Entrails‘ chorus are memorable by shouting the title of the track (The Grotesque, Midnight coffin) in rhythm with the drums but this album mostly focus on memorable riffs, which is definitely not bad.

Even of Obliteration does not stand next to any of the classics, it still comes pretty close with its collection of memorable riffs (their fantastic incorporation of the classic funeral march on Epitome of death is a perfect example of that talent) and crisp production. It offers nothing original from that you would normally expect from a death metal album but that’s also part of the appeal. It’s simplicity and sincerity will make you revisit the olden days and provide you with some more excellent material worthy to be added to your collection. Obliteration sounds just as good as Entrails does live. Tight, meaty and full of good times.

Obliteration is available on L and CDP via Metal Blade and on streaming via Spotify

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