[Album] Noisem – Blossoming decay


After one album on A389 Recording and a lot of touring, people have finally caught up with the amazing thrash of Noisem and everyone seems ready to embrace them. It was no fault of the band since they were already showcasing some very impressive chops on Agony defined by summoning the spirit of Dark Angel and early Death at the same time!

Unlike most retro thrash band, Noisem are not fun, or ironic. They just sound like they are genuinely trapped in a time machine, but the best kind of time machine. Basically, Noisem are time lords, capable of creating a vortex and making you forget that you might have heard all of this before. They also took lessons from Slayer‘s immediacy on Reign on blood and stayed away from the million riffs a minute style of Dark Angel on Time does not heal while still stealing the rapid fire drumming of Gene Hoglan. They basically take the best and make their own tunes with it. If that sounds like the perfect plan, it’s because it is, and there is no fault to be found here.

However, the best part of Blossoming decay, is how much the whole experience sounds like a live show taking place in your ears. Agony defined sounded very good but it was a bit sterile. Feedback is maybe the biggest cliché in hardcore/crust albums but here it sounds fresh and mostly threatening (Hostile end – hollow life). The drumming isn’t always perfect but the raging intensity of the drums recalls the best grindcore (think early Terrorizer or Insect Warfare in terms of speed) with it’s human touch (Burning) rather than the machine like precision of a lot of modern thrash. The vocals are also pretty violent and fit very well with the tornado style of the solos, although still a bit more melodic than Kerry King‘s on Slayer‘s best album (1132).

Even if thrash is no longer the style of the moment, Noisem plays it so well that it will be hard for the cynics and the trend setters to deny their power. Blossoming decay offers everything you want on a metal album, riffs, energy and emotion. There is no need to resist, you will succumb to their supremacy.

Blossoming decays is available on LP and CD via A389 Records and on streaming via Spotify


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