News of the week – Guerilleros of moshing

Music videos

Harms Way are showing their nu metal chops.

The guerilleros from Xibalba are back to ruin your garden.


One of my favorite band performed for the second time (the first time was after a Pig Destroyer show years ago) at Maryland Death Fest over the weekend and some amateur footage is already available. I’m talking about Agoraphobic Nosebleed who seem to have finally been able to get their three singers in the same room and rehearse enough to play along with the complex drum machine of their albums. Testify through this video of a song from Agorapocalypse now.

Goatsnake has a new song out from Black age blues scheduled for June 2nd via Southern Lord.

Cryptopsy has released a new trailer for its upcoming EP currently being crowd-funded.

The release date for Skinless new album is getting nearer but here is another track from their come back album, Only the ruthless remain, scheduled for June 2nd via Relapse Records.

Cattle Decapitation is streaming a new song from The anthropocene extinction before it’s release on August 7th.

A new Vattnet Viskar is now available before the release of Impact on the 16th of June via Century Media.

Mutoid Man (Cave In, Converge) has a new song out from Bleeder from the June 30th release date on Sargent house.

Terror has released a new song and it sounds like Terror. The 25th hour will be out via Victory on August 7th.

The first song from Author’s and Punisher Melk en honing is streaming before the album’s release on June 30th via Housecore Records.

A song taken from Enabler‘s upcoming album, and the title track of the 7″ that will come before it. Fail to feel safe will come out this summer via Century Media.

Before being associated with the metalcore wave of the early 2000s, Darkest Hour was mostly considered a melodic death metal. In fact, they never included any mosh part in their music but mostly played with a drummer influenced by hardcore/punk bands (who is now playing in Iron Reagan). Now, their first album, the excellent the Mark of the Judas is being rereleased and remastered. A great occasion to enjoy it if you missed it the first time.

New songs from Maruta‘s Remain dystopian are streaming via The PRP here and here too but also here and finally here. The album will come out via Relapse Records on the 2nd June.

And now, for a bit of noise rock, here is another song from Ken Mode‘s Success scheduled for June 16th via Season of Mist.


Burn, the cult post-hardcore band, featuring Orange 9mm‘s singer Chaka Malik, and members of Glassjaw called for the occasion, performed at the Black and Blue Bowl.

In continuity with the two emo bands of last week, Thrice and Poison the Well, From Autumn to Ashes are also back on stage.

Live shows

Faith no More were on Last Call with Carson Daly (yes, it’s 2015 and not 1995) and performed four songs.

A full live performance of Touché Amoré‘s latest album is available below.

Paradise Lost will tour across Europe in October and November by starting in the United Kingdom an finishing in France.

Suffocation and Nile will tour Europe together from the end of August to the entirety of September.


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