Shows in London and Paris for the week of 25th May – The Temple is everywhere


Although it’s not happening in London, it’s impossible not to mention next week’s biggest musical in Bristol, the Temples Fest. Therefore, many bands playing at the Temples have scheduled shows in Europe and in London.


As usual when Converge comes to town, they bring their friends to open for them, but this time it’s a whole festival of them. This Deathwish Fest is a who’s who of the label’s latest release with Young and in the Way, Harm’s Way and the band’s friend in Trap Them (the band is actually signed on Prosthetic records). To round up the bill, the british postcore band Bossk will open the show.

Tickets are available for £17.60


More exceptional, the Australian legend, Portal, is on tour in Europe with Impetuous Ritual (with half of Portal), and will perform in London the day after their performance in Bristol. The much anticipated show for anybody who call him or herself a death metal fan will be with the british monster Grave Miasma and an up and coming old school death metal band Qrixkuor

Tickets are available for £16.50


Just before the Temples Fest, Londoners will be able to appreciate the grindcore from Belgium of Leng T’ch’e and the crust hardcore of Enabler for free at the Unicorn. Both band promise a very intense night and since the show is free there are no reason to complain about anything and just enjoy this glorious night.


Finally, fans of grindcore will have another night to break their neck for free in company of Magrudergrind who will also play at the Temples Festival. The night will feature also the Afternoon Gentlmen (also at Temples Fest) as well as London’s own Art of Burning Water. Another great occasion to party for free.

Less important but still notable, Harm’s Way will also be in London for a solo show outside of Deathwish Fest.


We continue with the list of bands associated with the Temples Fest for the most notable shows in Paris.

Pallbearer, the new doom darling of the moment, will be in Paris prior to the Temples Fest but at an unexpected club for a metal band. Maybe it’s a sign that beard metal has finally come out of the Parisian underground to be enjoyed by hipsters and not only fans of doom and stoner. Good or bad news? Well, the ticket’s price is quite cheap so nothing to complain about at the moment.

Tickets are available for 10,99 Euros


Finally, even if it’s far from the incredible bill of the Temples Fest, the OTB Fest is still pretty cool with a line up including, but not limited to, Will Haven, Celeste, Ken Mode or Paris own’s Valve and Revok. The kind of show that no fans of modern post-hardcore or sludgy hardcore will want to miss, especially considering how rare Will Haven‘s performance in Europe have been over the last few years (last time was around 2007/2008 without Grady Avenell and the crowd was quite sparse).

Tickets are available for 17,80 Euros (first night) and 17,80 Euros (second night)


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