[Album] Anal Vomit – Peste negra, muerta negra


Before writing this review I checked if any other band was named Anal Vomit but as it turns the Peruvian is the only one. It also turns out that the band has been active since 1992 but this is the first time I have heard of them, or listen to them. The second surprise is that they apparently used to talk about gore but now are more focused on satanist lyrics. Not that it really matters but when your band is called Anal Vomit you would think that it would be reason enough to dedicate yourself fully to blood and guts. Nevertheless, Anal Vomit is otherwise unsurprisingly an extreme metal band, but what they do, they do it well.

Since they have been around for 23 years, Anal Vomit’s influences put them close to bands like Autopsy and Darkthrone. However, Peste negra, muerta negra‘s production is quite modern with an emphasis on a very clear sound for the drums and some polished guitar solos. This choice suits them very well as Joe Hoyle‘s drumming pummels its way through the Autopsy and Darkthrone influenced riffs with a lot of energy. The metallic sound of the bass doubles the intensity of the drums effectively and gives a grittier backbone to the songs. This unrelenting energy therefore ensure that the song, despite their length (three to six minutes), are still entertaining.

The vocals sung in spanish are also a nice touch thanks to the raspy Chris Reifert style of bass and singer Milo Possessor. Even if the songs subject are not understandable, it’s still more pleasant to hear another language than the usual English vocals. Considering how international the death metal scene is and the lack of importance lyrics have in an extreme metal band’s success, it surprising that Spanish is not used more frequently and remains mostly used by a band like Brujeria (where most members are not even Spanish).

Even 23 years after, Anal Vomit is still dedicated to the extreme metal days of the early nineties and play an excellent mix of extreme metal. It might be too late for them to be recognized more widely but it’s not too late to enjoy their back catalogue if, like me, you never heard of them before.

Pesta negra, muerte negra is available on CD and LP via Cruz Del Sur Music and on streaming via Spotify


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