News of the week – New and improved

Music videos

Primitive Man keeps it NSFW, as they should.

Coal Chamber continues its come back. Their new album, Rivals, is out on the 19th May.

Between the Buried and Me brings some ideas from their new concept album to life.

Michael K. William stars with Marilyn Manson in the singer’s new video.

Cradle of Filth‘s new video is Not Safe For Work but Safer For Your Ears than usual, if you were a fan of the band at some point in your life.

If like me you thought that there might be some potential in Iwrestledabearonce, prepare yourself to be disapointed. Also, if you midly liked the band because of their comedic element, it seems like it’s completely gone now.

Cancer Bats recently played in a record store and some professional footage of the performance was captured.

Highlights of the week

Will Haven, the kings of Californian sludge, still sound like themselves on this new song from the upcoming EP, which is good news since they will play in Europe soon at the Temples Festival in Bristol and the OTB Fest in Paris, with original frontman Grady Avenell.

High on Fire has put online a song from Luminiferous, their new album produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge). The album will be out on the 16th of June.

Tau Cross, the new band featuring members of Amebix and Voivod, has a new song from the Relapse debut via The Quietus. The album will be out on May 19th.

A new All Out War is online via Noisey from their upcoming EP Dying gods scheduled for June 23rd. All pre-orders options are here.

Old Wounds has a new song online from their new album, The Suffering spirit, scheduled for 30th June. If you want hardcore as intense as old Converge but that does not sound like Converge, give these guys a listen.


Post-hardcore band (emphasis on the hardcore part) Divider has plans to start working on a new album this year.

Another new Vatnett Viskar song is online from their upcoming album Settler. Amateurs of original USBM will be in for a treat but fans of more evil sounding BM can make a pass on this one.

Diocletian has put online a cover of Doom (the punk band, not the rapper) from the European annihilation EP released by Iron Bonehead.

Irepress has put online a two song EP made of two never released track written around the time of the material of their 2009 album Sol Eye Sea I.

Fuck the Fact‘s new split with Fistfuck is streaming via The PRP.

Mare, yes that band that released the cult EP on Hydrahead, is back together to play some shows with Old Man Gloom in the US. The guitarist from said band was already back on the road to play with Mammifer on their european tour in 2010 and they were already talking of getting back together at the time. Also, both Old Man Gloom and Mare will play with Keelhaul in Cleveland, another HydraHead band everybody thought dead.

Cult norwegian post black metal band Manes has decided to become Manii for the new chapter of their existence and here is a preview of some music. The band is already working on a new album for Debemur Mortii.


Hypothermia, who will play in London with reunited (for one occasion) norwegian legend Lifelover, has put their new album in full on streaming via Zero Tolerance Mag.

Back on stage

Both Poison the Well and Thrice have played reunion shows this week. First here is footage of Poison the Well playing their hit song Nerdy from The opposite of December.

Thrice also played some material from their emo days like the song Deadbolt taken from the Illusion of safety.

Speaking of emo bands returning to the stage, The Movielife will play at Today’s mixtape festival as well as returned chaotic hardcore band On Broken Wings.

London and Paris

Paradise Lost will play in London at Koko on the 4th October.

Touche Amore, Loma Prieta and Dangers will play in Paris at the Glazart on the 19th of August. Meanwhile, Dangers and Loma Prieta will play for free in London at the Unicorn on the 8th August.

Stoner band ASG will play in London at the Borderline on the 14th June.

Sludge legend EyeHateGod will be back already in London for a Desertfest event with Hang the Bastard and Mars Red Sky.


Marky Ramones explains how to get rid of ass holes filming shows on their smart phones.

Shawn « Clown » Crahan (Slipknot) is directing the adaptation of Joe Casey (Ben 10, Butcher Baker) and Chris Burnham‘s comics Officer downe and one picture has been released from the movie.

Faith no More took the stage to make their own shred video.


And justice for art is a book about metal album covers and you can pre-order it over here.


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