Shows in London and Paris for the week of 18th May – The exodus of thrash


After teasing us for a long, long time, Failure are finally back but one for show only in Europe. Too bad for the rest of Europe but it will hopefully happen later this year. The band will perform a lot of their classic material from Fantastic planet, Magnified and hopefully from Comfort too, but also from their new album which sounds, from the first song they have released, like a fine return to form. No nostalgia here, just the good news that one of the most creative and original band of the 90’s is offering us more music.

Tickets are still available for £22.50


London will have its share of thrash legend this week with two old bands coming around. First, it will be Flotsam and Jetsam, one of the lesser known american thrash metal bands. Born after the first wave of thrashing madness, they were lead by a guy Metallica stole to replace Cliff Burton after he died in a tragic accident in Sweden.

Tickets are still available for £19.80

Then, the canadian weirdos from Voivod will show up in the same place to show off their influential thrash. If you listen to any band from Agoraphobic Nosebleed to Meshuggah, you owe these guys a listen. Much like Celtic Frost, they are one of the most fundamental band in extreme metal that every musician has listen to but never got any commercial success out of it.

Tickets are still available for £17.15

For fans of slower metal, Torche is now back on the road. Floor, the original band of Steve Brooks, was only in Europe a month ago and now he is back on the road with his more melodic project. Now, that’s what I called dedication… or having a mortgage to pay… Whatever the reason, both bands are excellent live in it’s a pleasure to see them both in such a short time.

Tickets are still available for £14

Meanwhile, another attraction for fans of slow music will take place in London in the form of a festival called Raw Power (after the Stooges‘ album?). Not so metal but quite psychedelic, bands like Guapo (think Magma + Pink Floyd), Pharaoh Overlord, Circle or Earthless will be there as well as the japanese noise rock artist KK Null. A brilliant selection for fans of heavy rock music.

Tickets are still available from £12 to £50



Do these legend of thrash really need an introduction? Oh, alright then! Born around the same time as Metallica, Exodus is not only known for inciting their fans to do crazy things, back in their early days, but also for being the band Metallica stole their second guitarist from (see a pattern here?). While they never got big like the San Franciscan hard rockers, Exodus still remains one of the top four thrash metal band in the US along with Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

Tickets are available for 25,30 Euros


Torche will play in Paris too with the post-hardcore of Watertank, which makes this gig slightly better than the one in London.

Tickets are still available for 15,80 Euros


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