News of week – Let there be Gwar

Music videos

Paradise Lost has finally released a new video from the anticipated new album.

The metal internet’s new darling, Tribulation, have released a new video.

Agnostic Front has a new video with appearance of a bunch of guys from the NYHC scene.

Coliseum has also a new video to promote their new album.

Architects has a new live video.

Maruta has a new music video which makes the new album sound very promising for fans of grindcore.

The last Dillinger Escape Plan video from their latest album is for Paranoia shields.

Vattnet Viskar has put together a video with visuals from Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex. Neurosis).

Arch Enemy has released a new video for an updated version of the song Stolen life now that Jeff Loomis (ex. Nevermore) has joined the band.

Free music

A new Goblin Rebirth song off their self titled album scheduled for June 30th via Relapse is online.

A new Goatsnake song is streaming from the new album Black age blues before the album’s release on June 2nd.

Envy has released a new song off Atheist cornea which is scheduled for 10th July via Temporary Residence.

A new Rosetta song is streaming from Quintessential ephemera. The album should come out in June via Init Records.

A new Entrails song is available through Cvlt nation. Obliteration will come out on 19th June via Metal Blade.

Gruesome (Exhumed) is streaming their cover of Slayer off their new album, Savage land.

Good news for fans of black metal, a new Pale Chalice song is streaming from their album Negate the infinite and miraculous soon coming on the 16th of June via Gilead Media.

A new Weedeater song from Goliathan is streaming through High Times before the album’s release on May 18th.

A new Wisdom in Chains song is streaming from the God of rhythm is available online. The album will be released on June 16th.

A new Teenage Time Killer (Corrosion of Conformity) song featuring Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) and Brian Baker (Bad Religion) is now online.

A new Fight Amp song is streaming via The PRP. The song is off the new album Constantly off scheduled for June 9th via Brutal Panda.

Ecstatic Vision were all members of A Life Once Lost but they have traded their metal with more experimental and psychedelic endeavours in this new band. Sonic praise will come out on June 30th through Relapse Records.

A new song by George Kolias (Nile) is online. The song is taken from Invictus scheduled for May 19th.

Complete albums

The Insolent, Antigama’s new album, is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

Abrahma‘s new album, Reflections in the bowels of a bird, is streaming via Invisible Oranges.

Prurient‘s new album through Profound Lore is streaming.

Steve Von Till‘s new solo album, A life unto itself, is streaming via Noisey.

Meek is Murder‘s new EP, Onward, is streaming.

Sun & Sail Club (Fu Manchu, ex. Kyuss) are streaming their album The great white dope.

King Parrot‘s new album (reviewed over here) is streaming entirely via Metal Hammer.

Random bews

Shawn Chavez (ex. Havok) has passed away. He was only 30 years old.

Gwar has decided to replace their singer following accusation of said singer being drunk during shows. The firing resulted in a rather messy exchange between the ex singer and one of the band’s guitarist on their Facebook page.

For 300$ you can spend a day in the studio with the Bad Brains and singer Jesse Royal while they record. A vinyl, a tee-shirt and a dinner in the band are all included in the price. However, H.R., singer of the band, won’t be present.

Agnostic Front continues to crowdfund a documentary about them via Kickstarter despite their goals being achieved. Now, they’re hoping to get more money to go to Cuba and continue filming the documentary. Of course, with any crowdfunding campaign, there are rewards, one of them being a message on your phone by Vinnie Stigma for « only » 100$ !

Cryptopsy is crowdfunding a new EP titled the Book of suffering via Indiegogo.

The Melvins and Le Butcherettes are sharing a 10″ split called Chaos as usual. The split will be available through The Melvins on tour this summer. The band has also crowdfunded a documentary about them called The Colossus of destiny.

Norma Jean has started writing their new album.

The Haunted has written a new album and hope to record and release it this year.

Abigail Williams has nearly finished recording their new album which is very good news considering how good the song they put online last year were.

Impure Wihelmina has announced its signing to Season of Mist.

Witchcraft are in the studio to record their new album.

Pro-Pain‘s new album will be called Voice of rebellion an is scheduled to come out on 23rd June via SPV/Steamhammer.

Live shows

Touché Amoré will tour Europe in August with a bunch of shows scheduled in the UK (but not in London) with Loma Prieta and Dangers as well as a show in Paris (no Dangers) at the Glazart on the 19th.


A new book about the Gwar‘s career since the mid 80s should come out on the 30th September. The pre-order is available here.

A legal battle for the right to adapt Mayhem‘s story might happen. A movie adaptation of the book Lord of chaos (about the norwegian black metal scene) directed by Jonas Akerlund (ex Bathory and music video director for Lady Gaga, Satyricon…) is in preparation but so is a documentary about Mayhem by the company Motion Blur who claims to have the right of the band’s story.

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