All Pigs Must Die in London @ The Underworld in July


Among all the new bands formed during the last five years, All Pigs Must Die is the all star band I’ve fell the most for and was waiting the most for. Sadly, after an announcement at last year’s Temples Festival, followed by a cancellation, and other teaser, nothing had come to fruition… until now. Sure, this is just an announcement and the show might get cancelled at the last minute, but with only two month to wait, it feels like this will be the one.

All Pigs Must Die is a band formed of members of The Hope Conspiracy (singer), Converge (drums) and Bloodhorse (guitar and bass). The music they play is greatly influenced by Entombed but the rage and anger they bring with them makes them one of the best band to use that influence and brings it somewhere else. Aside from the obvious hardcore influence, they add an inch of black metal to their swedish death metal. Plus, since Ben Koller is on the drums, you can always expect a performance with many manic drum rolls, and that’s never a bad thing.

Plus, to make the upcoming show an even bigger events, Throats are on the bill. Years ago the young UK hardcore band was seen as the most promising one, but they sadly broke up too soon. Now that they are back, they might not fulfill their fans promise of stardom but they probably will still kick as much ass as on their european tour, which will make them a force to be reckoned with for fans of Converge and Napalm Death, of which there are many.

Booking for the show is £16.50 and can be done through this link


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