[Album] The Beautiful Ones – Jaded love


The influence of Only Living Witness continues to spread through the hardcore scene thanks to the revival sparked by Twitching Tongues and Jonah Jenkins‘ featuring on Converge‘s No heroes. The Beautiful Ones has been around only a year after Twitching Tongues but are only now releasing their first album on 6131.

Their take on the mix of heavy melodies and slow motion hardcore is much more aggressive than Only Living Witness beginnings and also less obviously catching while retaining the punch of the vocals. Mosh part and acoustic breaks follows one another without sounding forced or sugary thanks to a solid production that retains the heaviness while pushing to the front the melodies without sounding too forced (except when the song feature some melodic female vocals).

Unlike Only Living Witness who mostly recalled the heavy rock of Soundgarden, the guitar melody on Flowercrown are mostly similar to Alice in Chains‘s Rooster without any of the needs from singer to replicate Layne Stayley‘s style. His singing may not be as competent as Twitching TonguesColin Young but his versatility makes up for it with an excellent mix of raspy screams and melodic hard rock vocals.

While not as catchy as the material on Twitching Tongues first album, Jaded love offer a more personal style. Their songs mix the slow hardcore part very well with a very 90’s alternative rock sound to obtain something not quite as immediately catchy but quite captivating. Spin after spin, the song reveal themselves more and more. With eleven tracks on 35 minutes there are a lot of good reason to come back to the album and discover more and more aspects of it.

Jaded love is available on LP through 6131 Records and on streaming via Spotify


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