News of the week – Five finger of separation

Music videos

If I tell you that a band called Skinless has released a new NSFW video and that it involves torture, could you guess what’s happening in it?

Misery Index finally release it’s new video.

King Parrot has a new video, their new album has been reviewed here.

Lovers of mosh part rejoice, the four singer affair xDeathstarx is back.

Filter has done a video for their cover of The Turtle‘s Happy together.

Free music

Failure‘s new album is called the Heart is a monster. It will be released on June 30th through InResidence but you can already download a song over here.

Refused has put online a new song. Freedom can be pre-ordered here and you can see the cover art below.


A teaser for Goblin Rebirth (with members of Goblin) is online. Their self titled album will come out on June 30th via Relapse Records.

A new Sepultura song is streaming below. You can expect another song on June 5th for their 30th anniversary.

A new Weedeater song is available on NPR. Goliathan will come out on 19th of May via Season of Mist.

Thomas Lindberg (At the Gates, ex. Disfear) guest on a new Maruta song. Remain dystopian will come out on June 2nd via Relapse Records.

To continue with guest appearance, Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) is featuring on a new song by rapper Tech 9ne.

A new Sun & Sail Club (Fu Manchu, ex. Kyuss) is online. The new album, the Great white dope, will come out on May 12th.

A new Valkyrie (Baroness) song taken from Shadows, scheduled for the May 19th via Relapse Records, is streaming.

A new Abrams song is streaming via Metal Sucks. Lust love loss will come out on June 16th.

If « lo-fi psyche rock » is your thing then you can check out The Space Merchants.

A new Vattnet Viskar song taken from Settler. The album will come out on June 16th via Century Media. Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex. Neurosis) is behind the visual of the video.

Thrashers Dew-Scented has a new song available from their new album called Intermination scheduled for June 30th via Prosthetic Records.

Funeral for a Friend‘s Daytrotter session is available.

Full albums

The felon’s claw, Ilsa‘s new album, is streaming via A389 Records before it’s release on the 20th of May.

Noisem‘s new album, Blossoming decay, is streaming before it’s Juna 6th release date via A389 Records.

A stream of Coliseum‘s Anxiety kiss is streaming below.

Random news

Black Sabbath will conclude it’s career in 2016… according to Ozzy Osbourne.

According to Chino Moreno, the new Deftones album will come out on September 25th.

The next Jesu release will be a collaboration with Sun Kil Moon.

Neil Fallon continues his series of song explanation with the meaning behind Clutch‘s Cypress groove.

Sikth is crowd-funding a new EP and will tour accross the UK.

Five Finger Death Punch seemed to have disintegrated onstage in Memphis. The singer has since denied any rumors of a break up, blaming it on frustration caused by sound problems… wait and see.

Tony Campos (ex. Static-X) left Soulfly to join Fear Factory. Nothing too important here except for the fact the musician thanks the Cavalera family for their support, a first for an ex. Soulfly member!

Enabler will put out a 7″ called By demons denied before its new album. The 7″ will feature an extended version of the title track plus two b-side.

Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver, ex. Borknagar) will sing on two songs on the new Borknagar album.

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine) can be seen playing with Linkin Park in the studio. Yes, this happen.

Josh Graham (A Storm of Light, ex. Neurosis) has a solo project called IIVII.

Deathrite has signed to Prosthetic Records. Fans of Trap Them could do worse then checking them out.

Carnal Forge is working on a new album.

Eric Rutan (ex. Morbid Angel) is still working on a new Hate Eternal album.

Twitching Tongues are recording their new album.

United Nations (ex. Thursday, Glassjaw, Converge) are still a thing and will open for Coliseum on the band’s upcoming north american tour.

Evanescence still exists and will play in Japan!

Dead to Fall is also scheduled to play a show soon. However, when you consider that the band was mostly built around the singer, it’s not such a big surprise to see the band’s name popping up again.

Tour dates

EyeHateGod is already planning to return to Europe.


The New Yorker has put out an article about the market of leaked albums.

Two members of Cattle Decapitation are featured in What’s in my bag, a video series run by Amoeba, a record store, where musicians shop and talk about the albums they have picked. Although bassist Derek Engemann picks some solid metal release, singer Travis Ryan goes for more obscure references outside of the obvious heavy and brutal style of his band.

Behemoth has now it’s brand of beer called Sacrum.

Oh my God, why?!

Attila‘s frontman Chris Fronzak loves to troll the internet but I think this time his game got too far. Here is the band he just signed.

Fans of awful music will also be happy to know that a new band has signed to Victory Records.


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