News of the week – Return of the trance


Noisey has released a short documentary on the influence of New York Hardcore. I haven’t watched it all but it starts with Vinnie Stigma giving himself too much credit so it’s probably not historically accurate but should still be fun.

Music video

Gruesome (ex. Malevolent Creation, Exhumed) are living up to their name on their first video.

Time Machine is the name of Royal Thunder‘s new video.

Free music

Four songs from the upcoming album from Ilsa, The felon’s claw, are now online and if that’s not the greatest piece of the new week for you, I think you’re confused. The album is scheduled for the 20th of May.

Listen to a new Wisdom in Chains just below and start a gang to bring peace to your street. The god rhythm will come out on Fast break records on the 30th of June.

A Paradise Lost song from the new album The plague within is available before the release date of the 2nd of June via Century Media.

A new song from Hypothermia (soon in London with Lifelover). Their new album, Svartkonst will be released on May 15th via Agonia Records.

A new Earth Crisis song from a 7″ comprised of four songs, two re-recorded song from Destroy the machines, and two unreleased demo will come out on May 19th.

A new Noisem song has been put online for our pleasure. Blossoming decay is scheduled for the 6th of June through A389 Records.

Teenage Time Killer (Corrosion of Conformity, My Ruin) has put out their first song featuring Randy Blithe (Lamb of God). Their first album, Greatest hits vol. 1, features musicians from Slipknot to EyeHateGod.

Mutoid Man (Converge, Cave In) has put out a new song inspired partially by the level 2 of the game Contra. Bleeder will come out on June 30th through Sargent House.

Another new Ken Mode song is available through NPR. It is taken from the album Success scheduled for the 16th of June via Season of Mist.


A new Bitter End song from Illusions of dominance is available before the album’s release via Deathwish on June 30th.

Wolfnote is the punk rock side project of members of Harms Way and you can try their music via Alternative Press.

A new Six Feet Under song from Crypt of the devil is available. The album will be released on May 5th via Metal Blade.

Fuck the Factsnew song taken from their split with Fistfuck is online before the release of the split on May the 12th.

You can listen to Comeback Kid‘s cover of Nirvana‘s Territorial pissing over here. The cover is part of the EP they released for Record Store Day.

Full albums

Demonical‘s new EP is streaming in its entirety via Zero tolerance.

Jaded Love, The Beautiful Ones‘ new album is streaming on bandcamp. It comes highly recommended for fans of Only Living Witness and Twitching Tongues.

Random news

Unearthly Trance is back and working on a new album to be put out via Relapse Records.

Now that Immortal has been put to rest following a legal battle, Abbath is moving on with a new band called after himself. He is joined by Tom Vato Visnes (King Ov Hell, God Seed) on bass and Baard Kolstad (God Seed, Borknagar). I have no doubt that he made them sign a full-proof contract this time. Their first album will come out on Season of Mist.

Lamb of God is teasing a new album.

Kowloon Walled City‘s new album will be released through Neurot Recordings.

Fulgora, a band already formed of members of Misery Index and Pig Destroyer, has added another member of Misery Index to their line-up in the form of guitarist John « Sparky » Voyles (Misery Index, Dying Fetus).

A video teaser for All Out War‘s new EP is online. Unsurprisingly it’s about war.

Dew-Scented has finished recording their new album, Intermination, and it will be released around June on Metal Blade.

Shining (NOR) has signed a deal with Spinefarm.

Bridge Nine announces the signing of True Love.

The split between The Banner and Old Wounds called Only the dead know Jersey will be released in May through Good Fight Music. Pre-orders are available through here.


Faith no More‘s Angel dust and The Real thing will be reiussed on the 9th of June with a lot of bonus tracks.

An unreleased Cave In live set will come out on HydraHead on the 23rd of June.

Planes Mistaken for Stars will see their last album, Mercy, come back on Deathwish with a remaster courtesy of Brad « Audiosiege » Boatright on July 14th and will start touring again in the US.

Tour dates

Obliterations cancels it’s european tour.


Deftones‘s merch has taken a rather metal direction, are they going to release their Bathory album?


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