Shows in Paris and London for the week of the 20th of April – Would you like some Desert?


Off course, the event of next week is the Desertfest but not everyone can afford it, or lives and can travel to London or likes doom, which would be a shame. Thankfully, bands are still touring to bring a lot of rocking goodness all over the place which means this is a busy week. Sadly, some of the best shows are already sold out, like Turnstile’s shows in Paris and London. Surprisingly, one of the best bill of next week in Paris is not sold out. I am talking about the impressive collusion of Floor, Minsk, Kayo Dot and Botanist! Sure, you have to be a bit open minded to enjoy it all, but if you are then you’re in for a treat with a lot of great doom, some jazz and metal weirdness and a bit of black metal weirdness too.

On the other side of the pond, Kayo Dot and Botanist will play on their own while Floor and Minsk will be part of the Desertfest on Friday. Meanwhile, if you like extreme metal and do not enjoy paying for ticket, The Unicorn has got you covered with Pyrrhon and their technical death metal and Department of Correction who plays grindcore. Considering how good Pyrrhon‘s latest album was it’s truly a mystery why this band hasn’t gathered the praise they deserved, leading them to be dropped by Relapse a month ago. They have now signed to Handshake Inc and will release soon a new EP. Finally, if you’re still alive on Sunday night and not rocking at the Desertfest, Oblivionized has scheduled a release party for their first album and you should definitely attend because it’s a great piece of work.


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