[Albums] King Parrot – Dead set (Agonia Records/Housecore Records) 2015


Despite having released one EP, an album and a split, King Parrot‘s name was completely unknown to my knowledge until their signature on Phil Anselmo‘s label was announced. However, don’t let that « celebrity endorsement » fool you, King Parrot has quite a lot to offer without having to rely on some name dropping.

Although they attack right off the bat with a grindcore blast on the first track, the band then moves to a slightly slower thrash tempo in the vein of Exodus and sometimes also uses a sort of southern groove similar to Soilent Green to as a transition. The high pitch snarl of their singer bear also some common resemblance with the one of Steve « Zetro » Souza of Exodus while their constant move between tempos reminds me of a less complicated Sulaco (Brutal Truth, Lethargy).

With such an extensive range of influence, the band could have gone for a less metal production but the clear sounding recording they have chosen works in their favor even if it makes them loose some personality and emotion. With Dead set we have a solid recording that will please fans of thrash but will probably rub fans of grindcore the wrong way by lacking intensity. Even if songs like Tomorrow turns to blood or Anthem of the advance sinner are not lacking in terms of extremity, they sound a bit too polished to sound really angry which is a shame since the album is very well executed otherwise. The band also offers some solid song writing for a band that does not know how to stick to one style. A promising debut but mostly a good calling card for a band that will most likely shine on stage.

Dead set is available via Agonia Records on CD and vinyl


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