News of the week – My tailor is rich

Hey there, the « News de la semaine » is now News of the week! The content will not change but the language does. Hopefully, none of you will care too much since most french people who care about metal read stuff in English all the time anyway. I hope you will still enjoy this feature and what I will post on this website. Cheers, as they say over here !

Music videos

John Garcia (ex. Kyuss) has a new music video featuring a guitarist from The Doors.

The dads of New York Hardcore have a new videos.

Hark has a new video out and you should wipe the tears left from Taint‘s breakup.

Despite the car crash that almost killed him, Steve Austin is back and Today is the Day has a new video.

Pallbearer has finally released its first video.

There are guilty pleasures, and there are the bands the want to know about because we are as fascinated by them as we are with car crashes. Hell Yeah (ex. Pantera, ex. Mudvayne) is one of those band and now they have a new music video, enjoy… or not.

If you’re into Quicksand you could do worse than check out the new video by Superheaven.

The Black Queen, the new band of Greg Pucciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan) and Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) has released it’s first video.

Free music

A cover of Nirvana‘s Something in the way by Nothing is now available. Although the original is one of the most touching moment on Nevermind this cover comes pretty close in recreating the subtlity of the original. The cover is part of a compilation released by Robotic Empire on the 18th of April.

A new Goatsnake (SunnO))) ) album is finally coming on the 02nd of June through Southern Lord but here is a song to keep you waiting.

Fuck the Facts has released a song from their split with Fistfuck. The split is scheduled to come out on the 12th of May.

A new song by Tribulation off their The children of the night album is online. The album will come out on the 20th of April via Century Media.

Six Feet Under‘s new album is called Crypt of the devil and a second song from it is online. The album will come out on Metal Blade on the 15th of May.

Baptists has put online a demo of an old song.

A new song from Sun and Sail Club (Fu Manchu, ex. Kyuss) has appeared online. The album The great white dope will be released in May. Also, does this band realize that the last band to have referenced « the great white dope » was the Bloodhound Gang? Also, why do I remember this?!

A new Iwrestledabearonce song is now online. The new album called Hail mary will come out on the 16th of June.

Full albums

The first album from NY in 64 (East of the Wall) is now streaming in bandcamp.

Noisey has put the new album from Gallows on streaming.

Random news

After Korn‘s Jonathan Davis, Jordan Billie from The Blood Brothers ranks the album from his band.

Gwar answers the allegation of Oderous’ father about the treatment of his son’s estate by the band.

Jeremy Wagner (Broken Hope) has given his farm to turn it into an animal shelter.

Black Breath has finished recording their new album but it will only come out during the fall on Southern Lord.

Remember (Hed)pe? Well, they still remember and apparently the only remaining member is now the singer. It’s kind of sad because this band was actually alright when they released their first two albums. Sadly the downward spiral was quick to catch them and the singer became even more of a conspiracy nut and now they seem to be a band that even ICP fans think as being a bit pathetic.

A list of the bonus tracks included on the reissue of Cave In‘s Creative eclipse is now available.

Intronaut will soon be back in the studio.

The new album from Wisdom in Chains will be called The god rythm and will come out on the 30th of June on Fast Break Records!

The founder of Nader Sadek has parted ways with both Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) and Travis Ryan (Cattle Decapitation). They have been replaced by members of Obscura for the foreseeable future.

Graveyard is now recording their new album.

Settler, Vattnet Viskar‘s new album, will come out on the 15th of June.

Basement has started recording their new album.

Live shows

Candiria was recently back on stage and here is the video of Factions.

The new Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson tour will feature collaborative sets. Rapper Cage should open for both bands.

Dying Fetus will bring the mosh in Belfort on the 16 of June and at Lille at La Peniche on the 17 before the Hellfest.

Defeater has a large european tour scheduled but no shows in London. Instead they will tour in the UK extensively and in France too with a show in Montaigu at Zinor on the 18th of June and in Paris at the Espace B on the 11th of July.


Do you want to pay too much money for a mask of the Motorhead logo? Well, now you can !


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