Lifelover in London @ Nambucca in September

Well, that’s a pleasant but very unexpected news. Lifelover just announced that they will be playing a show in London in September. It’s a very surprising news considering that the band split up in 2011 after the lead composer and guitarist, Jonas Bergqvist, committed suicide. During their existence they released four albums but only three are really worthwhile. The only album I am familiar with is Konkurs (2008) but the news of a show is enough to give me the incentive to listen to the rest of their back catalogue. Lifelover has always been a strange band for many reason but mainly for the huge melodic hooks in their music given it an almost poppy feel, mixed with the strange vocal technique of Kim Carlsson, aka ( ) that reminds me of the screamo band The Saddest Landscape because of the very emotive, and almost theatrical, style he uses. It’s a strange move from them but weirder things have happened in the music business.

The Facebook event for the show can be found here and here is the link to buy tickets.


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